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We Have ProHeart-6 Heartworm Prevention for Dogs


            We are very happy and excited to introduce ProHeart-6 to our practice.  From Zoetis, ProHeart-6 is an amazingly convenient injectable heartworm prevention for dogs.  It is the only product that offers 6 months of prevention with 1 injection.  This is a great way to prevent missing doses of monthly heartworm prevention and take the worry out of your hands.  A convenient 6 month automated reminder will be sent to you, as your dog comes due for his/her next injection.  A $20.00-$45.00 rebate will be available with the purchase of 6-12 months of Simparica Flea/Tick prevention AND ProHeart-6 injectable heartworm prevention.

            Your dog is available to have the ProHeart-6 injection at 6 months of age or older, and 11lb and over.  You may have the injection administered at the time of a yearly physical exam, or at a scheduled technician appointment (if he/she has had a physical within 1 year, by a Timonium Animal Hospital veterinarian). 

Zoetis, the maker of ProHeart-6, strongly recommends a heartworm test and fecal test at the 1st and 2nd injections.  If all protocol standards of testing (within designated times frames) are followed, Zoetis will provide medical compensation for any positive results after the 2nd injection has been given.    

ProHeart-6 injections will be administered as follows:

1st Injection:  Heartworm Test & Fecal Test (highly recommended) + Injection given by doctor

2nd Injection (6 months later):  Heartworm Test & Fecal Test (highly recommended) + Injection given by technician

            The injection will need to be boostered, every 6 months.  Feel free to view the Zoetis website ( for further details.  We look forward to booking your dog's appointment for a ProHeart-6 injection.