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OCTOBER is Senior Pet Care Month 2018!

            Senior pets are prone to some common diseases and problems such as: arthritis, cancer, cognitive dysfunction, dental disease, diabetes, hearing and vision loss, heart problems, incontinence, obesity, renal disease, and thyroid disease.  In general, we start considering dogs & cats as seniors at about 7  years of age.  However, certain large breed dogs can reach senior stage as early as 5 years old.  Just like in human medicine, early detection can help stop or slow the progression of many of these diseases or problems.

            Early diagnostic testing is an important step in providing your pet with an optimal quality of life.  In an apparently healthy pet, it provides a baseline that may be used for comparison in the event that disease develops.  Such testing may also allow identification of disorders before clinical signs are evident.  Finally, for pets with previously identified problems, diagnostic testing can be used to monitor treatment efficacy and disease progression.

            During the month of October ONLY, we are offering two different Senior Pet Wellness Packages.  Package #1 includes: Physical Exam, extensive blood profile (with thyroid/heartworm), urine, stool, and blood pressure.  Package #2 Includes everything in Package #1, plus 2 radiographs. 

            These packages are performed as a scheduled morning drop-off appointment only, Monday through Friday.  Your pet will stay approximately 4 hours with us. Check-in time 6:30am-8:00am.  No food after midnight the night before (but please bring food with your pet).  Your doctor will call you with blood work results in 1-2 days.  Additional tests, medications, or vaccines are additional cost and not included in either package promotion.  Package discounts ONLY available during October.   Call today to reserve a day for your pet. 

PACKAGE 1:                                       PACKAGE 2:

Exam                                                    Exam   

CBC                                                        CBC

Chemistry Profile                             Chemistry Profile

Heartworm Test (canine)              Heartworm Test (canine)

Thyroid Test                                       Thyroid Test

Urine                                                     Urine

Fecal                                                     Fecal

Blood Pressure                                  Blood Pressure

___________________             2 Radiographs

Regular Price: 280.00                     ___________________

Discount 25%   70.00                      Regular Price       430.00                               

New Total Estimate  210.00         Discount  25%   107.50                  

                                                                New Total Estimate  322.50


*** Additional tests, medications, or vaccines are not included in package discount

*** Package discounts for established patients only (not for new pets)

*** Available as drop-off appointment only

*** Any age pet is welcome to partake in this special…Old, Young, or In-BetweenJ