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February 2018 is National Dental Month for the 21st year!

( Feb 1- Feb 28) 


Dental disease is the most common disease among adult dogs and cats.  Statistics show that 85% of pets (over the age of three years) have dental disease.  Our pet’s teeth (like our own) require regular care.  Long term neglect of pet’s teeth, can often lead to future heart and kidney complications.   A proactive attitude about your pet’s dental care is extremely important to us and will prevent the possible spread of infection to other major organ systems in the body.

We do offer a free pre-dental exam as a technician appointment.  Your technician will thoroughly investigate your pet’s mouth to decipher what level of prophylaxis is needed.  Estimates are available upon request after a physical exam or after a technician exam.  Free pre-dental exam is not applicable to pets that have not been seen at our hospital before or for pets that have not had a physical examination with our office in 1 year.  Please call ahead if you would like to set up a technician pre-dental exam.  Dental estimates are available by mail or email if your pet has been seen by our doctors, within the past 3 months.

Three days prior to a dental cleaning, your pet will need to start on an oral antibiotic, to prevent any bacteria or infection from spreading into the body during the procedure.  The medication will be continued 4 days after the dental.

The last day we will accept booking for National Dental Month is 2/28/18.  Dentals are by reserved appointment only.  Please call now to book your surgery day.   We cannot wait to give your pet a healthy smile!

Our practice divides dental cleanings into the following 3 levels:

Routine Prophylaxis: Takes up to 45 minutes for scaling & polishing of teeth, with removal of small/normal amounts of tartar/plaque.                                   

Regular price: $250.00 - Dental Month Special: $187.50  Savings: $62.50

Intermediate Prophylaxis: Takes between 45 and 90 minutes, for extensive scaling & polishing to remove difficult tartar/plaque build-up.                                                               

Regular price: $350.00 - Dental Month Special: $262.50.00  Savings: $87.50

Complex Prophylaxis: Takes over 90 minutes, for extensive scaling & polishing with extremely severe gum & tooth disease.                         

Regular price: $450.00 - Dental Month Special: 337.50  Savings: $112.50


* IV catheter for sedation administration and fluid therapy

* Anesthesia monitoring

* Pulse oximeter monitoring

* EKG monitoring

* Heating unit to keep normal body temperature

* Hospitalization for the day

* Surgical technician support for the day

* One-on-one technician dismissal at pick-up (with detailed dismissal sheet to go home)

* Complementary go home dental care package


* Pre-Anesthetic bloodwork is required & can be done the morning of the dental.

* Pre-dental antibiotics/tooth extractions/dental radiographs/pain medication (if extractions are done), specialized anesthesia (Propofol) for high risk patients, are additional charges.

* Estimates may be requested if pet is seen by a doctor within the past 3 months OR at the time of a technician appointment   

* New patients OR patients not seen within a year at our clinic, are not applicable for a free pre-dental exam. Please schedule a physical exam (60.00) by one of our doctors, prior to scheduling a dental.

* We highly recommend going to our website and downloading, printing, and completing our Surgical Consent Form, prior to arrival

   of your scheduled dental. (

* Please prepare, as this is an ALL DAY EVENT for your pet.  Pets register in 6:30am-8:00am, and go-home time is typically after 6:00/7:00pm the same evening.

* Payment is due in full, at time of pick-up