February 2023 National Dental Month

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25% Off Dental Surgery: Scaling/Polishing

Dental disease is the most widespread disease in adult dogs and cats. As many as 80% of dogs/70% of cats have the
disease by the time they are 3-4 years old. Factors such as breed, genetics, and diet can play a role in determining the
severity to which pets will be affected. If left untreated, pets with dental disease are more likely to be diagnosed with heart
disease, kidney disease, diabetes, as well as various infections. This is due to the bacteria from the mouth constantly
entering the bloodstream and migrating throughout your pet's body.
Signs to look for at home include:
* bad breath
* red, swollen or irritated gums
* brown/green staining of teeth
* unusual or excessive salivation
* problems picking up or chewing food
* reluctance to eat
* tendency to chew on one side of mouth
* loss of interest in chew toys

If you notice any of the above signs please, feel free to call us to schedule a pre-dental exam with one of our
technicians. To qualify for this exam, your pet must have had a physical examination by one of our doctors, within 1 year.
Your pet's teeth and gums will be evaluated to determine which level of cleaning they will need. These levels range from:
*Routine Cleaning (under 45 minutes with possible extractions, if necessary) - discount of 112.50
*Intermediate Cleaning (45-90 minutes with some extractions) – discount of 137.50
*Complex Cleaning (over 90 minutes with extensive extractions) – discount of 162.50
Estimates available at the time of a doctor appointment or a technician appointment.
Dental procedures at Timonium Animal Hospital include:
*IV Catheter & Fluids
*Inhalant Anesthesia
*Full mouth dental radiographs
*Anesthetic Monitoring
*Pulse Oximeter Monitoring
*EKG monitoring
*Heating unit to help maintain normal body temperature
*Nail Trimming
*Hospitalization for the day with individualized support from a technician monitoring: recovery from anesthesia, comfort
levels, body temperature, and feeding a soft/bland food

* Dental scaling & polishing is considered a full surgery with full anesthesia
* Pre-Anesthetic bloodwork is required & can be done the morning of the dental.
* Pre-Blood work/induction medication/tooth extractions/medications to go home/Sanos tooth sealant, are additional
charges. (these are non-discounted items)
* New patients OR patients not seen within a year at our clinic, are not applicable for a free technician pre-dental exam.
Please schedule a physical exam (75.00) by one of our doctors, prior to scheduling a dental.
* A Surgical Consent Form, will need to be completed prior to arrival of your scheduled dental surgery.
* Please prepare, as this is an ALL DAY EVENT for your pet. Pet check-in time is 7:00am-7:30am, and go-home time
is typically 6:30pm/7:00pm, the same evening.
* Payments are due in-full, at time of pick-up. We do not offer payment plans. We highly suggest you apply in advance
to carecredit.com (bills over 200.00, are 0% interest for 6 months!!!).
* In case of closings, due to inclement weather, we will need to reschedule to the next available day. We may need to
reschedule 4-6 weeks out.
* No refunds for dentals done prior to February offering.
* An up to date rabies vaccine is required by law. A rabies vaccine will be updated, if it is overdue.

After the dental surgery (scale & polishing), an application of SANOS can prevent tartar/plaque build-up, for up to
6 months. Sanos is similar to a self-hardening liquid bonding, that can aid in the long term oral health of your
pet. The product and application fee would be 150.00, additional to the dental procedure.
This is made as an added option, to our dental surgery patients.

Dental surgery reservations, accepted until 2/28/2023.

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410 252 8820
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